2014 Dassault Falcon 7X


Model:Falcon 7X
Serial Number:212
Total Time:1150
Total Cycles:455

Pratt & Whitney PW307A

Left Engine
TT: 565TT
TC: 247TC
MPI/HS: Due at 3,600TT, CZI/OH: Due at 7,200TT
ESP Gold Buy-in: USD $968,595 Estimated

Center Engine
TT: 1150TT
TC: 455TC

Right Engine
TT: 1150TT
TC: 455TC



MSP Enrollment - $58,901.00

MSP Gold Buy-in: USD $58,901.00


• Honeywell Primus Epic Avionics System:
• Honeywell Flight Display System - w/ 4 each 14” LCD’s, 2 each Cursor Controls 2 each Keyboards
• Dual Honeywell Auto Flight Control Systems
• Honeywell Auto throttle System
• Triple Honeywell Crew Alerting & Aural Warning Systems
• Honeywell Central Maintenance Computer
• Honeywell Interactive Dual Checklist
• Triple Honeywell Flight Management Systems
• Dual Honeywell Global Positioning Systems
• Honeywell Enhanced Ground Proximity & Windshear Warning System
• Honeywell Dual VHF Communication Systems
• Honeywell Dual VOR/ILS/Marker Navigation Systems
• Dual Honeywell DME Systems
• Dual Honeywell ADF Systems
• Dual Honeywell Mode S Transponder Systems

Optional Avionics

Third Honeywell TR-866B VDR (VHF Data Radio & Datalink)
Honeywell EASy Communications Management Function
Miltope TP-4840 Flightdeck Text / Graphics Printer
Honeywell MCS-7120 3-Channel SATCOM w/Aero H+, Classic Datalink, & Swift
AirCell Cordless Axxess II Flushmount WiFi Handset
Honeywell EASy Electronic Jeppessen Chart Capability
Honeywell LSS-860 Lightning Sensor System
CPDLC-ATN (Controller/Pilot Data Link)
CTS Quick Acsess Recorder (QAR)

Standard Systems & Equipment

ACSS TCAS II System (w/ Change 7)
Honeywell Data Loader
Triple Honeywell Laser IRFs
Honeywell Color Weather Radar
Dual Honeywell Radio Altimeters
Dual Honeywell Combined CVR/FDR Systems
Triple Honeywell Flight Deck Audio Systems w/ Radio & Intercom Function
Dual Honeywell HF Comms with 2-Channel SELCAL
Quadruple Goodrich Air Data Systems
3 each Telex Flight Deck Headsets
Honeywell 3-Frequency ELT
Aft Baggage Fold-Down Hanger Bar
Equipment Bay Telescoping Tow bar Installation

Optional Miscellaneous Systems

Pratt & Whitney Flight Data Acquisition Storage and Transmission System (FAST)
KGS Electronics 230VAC 50Hz, 2000 VA Inverter - Twelve (12) Outlets
Honeywell EASy Uplink Weather Capability
CMC CMA-1100 Pilot view Electronic Flight Bag (Class II EFB)
Essex PBE MR10035N Smoke Hood

Standard Cabin Systems

Falcon Cabin Management System - Rockwell Collins - Includes:
-Collins Digital Interface Box
-Rockwell Collins 8.4” LCD Touch Screen Control
-Dual-Disc Multi-Region (1-6) CD/DVD Player (MP3 Compatible)
-Rockwell Collins 17” Color LCD Monitor - Aft LH Bulkhead
-Rockwell Collins 21.3” Color LCD Monitor - Fwd LH Bulkhead
-Ten (10) Rockwell Collins PSW (OLED) Entertainment Control
-Six (6) ALTO Speakers
-Three (3) ALTO Subwoofers
-Two (2) ALTO Amplifiers
-Two (2) Rockwell CollinsA-Type Mechanical Cabin Controls
-Twelve(12) Sony Stereo Headsets (See Optional Cabin Systems)
Rockwell Collins Airshow 4000 Cabin/Flightdeck Display System

Optional Cabin Systems

Rockwell Collins Falcon Cabin HD+
-3D Interactive Moving Map and Flight Deck Controller
-Dual Blu-Ray Player
-Single iPod Docking Cradle
-USB Port for Video On Demand
-HDMI/USB Charging Port
-USB Port for Audio on Demand and Cabin System Remote Diagnostic
-Two (2) 22"" Widescreen HD LED Backlit Monitors
-10.6"" Widescreen LED Backlit Touch Screen Control
-Twelve (12) Touch Screen TC-6000 Cabin Controls
- iPod Touch Remote Control
-iPad Remote Control
-Seven (7) Plug-in Monitor Receptacles
-Seven (7) ALTO Speakers
-Three (3) ALTO Subwoofers
-Two (2) ALTO Amplifiers
-Twelve (12) Bose Stereo Headsets
Upgrade Aft Monitor to 24” Widescreen HD LED Backlit Monitor
Additinal Rockwell Collins Plug-In Receptical for Monitor
Two (2) Rockwell Collins Plug-IN 10.6” Color HD LED Backlit Touch Screen Monitor with Swing Arms
PC VGA Video Interface for Audio/ Video Input

Standard Cabin Furnishings

LH Crew Closet
Galley Sliding Pocket Door
Four (4) DASC 21” SGL Seats
-w/ Breadboard Headrest & Electrical Lumbar
Two (2) DASC 45” DBL Seats
-w/ Breadboard Headrest & Electrical Lumbar
80” 16G Divan
Console Tables (2 each)
Dining / Conference Table
Mid-Cabin 24” Mid Storage Bin w/ Lift-Up Lid
Tracking Magazine Rack (2 each)
Dual Thermos Carafes on Pull-Out Platform (RH Galley)

Optional Cabin Furnishings

14 Passenger Option 1 Floorplan Consisting of:
-Double Club - Forward Cabin
-Conference Group, Crendenza - Mid Cabin
-Twin 3 Place Divans - Aft Cabin
-Fwd LH Crew Closet
-BMW Designworks Fwd RH 30” Lavatory with Fixed Sink
-BMW Designworks Fwd RH 50” Galley with Sink, Faaucet, Trash Drawer, Ice Drawer, and Cold Storage
-BMW Designworks Fwd LH 38” Galley Annex / Closet
Two (2) MED Auxiliary Work Surfaces
Enflite High Temperature Oven
TIA Microwave
Delonghi Nespresso Latissimo Machine
Two (2) Thermos Crafes
Custom Wood Veneer Service Ledges w/Curved Design
Galley Pocket Sliding Door w/ Curved Bulkhead
BMW Designworks Aft Cabin Dividers with Stowable Curtain with Fixed Track in Headliner
Four (4) GCSS 20'' (16G) Seats with Intergraded Headrest with Electrical Lumbar
Four (4) GCSS Increased Seat Back Height (Approx. 3.0'')
Four (4) GCSS Winged Headrest
Two (2) GCSS Electronicly Controlled Tilt, Recline, Lumbar, and Recliner style Leg Rests
Two (2) BMW Designworks Console Tables
BMW Designworks Mid-Cabin Storage Cabinets
Tracking Magizine Rack
Two (2) BMW Designworks 80” 16G Electical Berthing Divans with Infltable Restraints
BMW Designworks Aft Lavatory with Vanity and Closet
Two (2) Winslow Life Rafts (12-man) with 406 ELT and Emergency Transceivers

Exterior Finish Option

Overall Mattherhorn White with no accent stripes.