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Welcome to Southern Cross Aviation • Anchorage - Alaska!

Our warehouse in Anchorage - Alaska, is strategically located at the Ted Stevens Anchorage International Airport. Alaska is a crucial market for aviation due to its position, and the airport serves as a vital logistical hub for cargo and passenger flights, facilitating trade and travel throughout the country.

At Southern Cross Aviation, our warehouse in Anchorage plays a fundamental role in this ecosystem. With ample stock and a dedicated team, we provide quick and efficient solutions for our customers and partners.

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• Multilingual Service and Support
• Customer Web Portal for Online Ordering
• Same Day Shipping – AOG
• Complete International Shipping and
Export Services
• Hard-to-Find Parts Specialists

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Southern Cross is here to help you sell your old inventory. We can help market and sell our customer's excess inventories in the world market through computerized systems and to all our existing network of customers and partners. Turn an unused asset to cash!


We strive to be recognized for the excellence and quality of our services. We develop personalized solutions for our clients in the areas of logistics, services, and supply of spares, to best suit our clients’ needs and best support the manufacturers and suppliers we represent.