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PN Description

• Solid State Solutions with Proven Pedigree in Commercial, Business and Military Applications
• High Temperature Capable Designs from -65°F (-54°C) to 350°F (176°C)
• Rigorously Tested to Customer, Airframe and Industry Specifications
• Lightweight, Structurally Robust and AV
• Mounted Design Configurations for the most Demanding Vibration Environments
• Use of Stainless Steel or Plated/Painted
• Aluminum Enclosures for Optimal Corrosion Protection
• Electrical Circuits Evaluated During Design
• Phase by Robust Modeling/Circuit Analysis to Ensure Design Optimization and Risk Mitigation

Champion CH92106-1 exciter benefits include:
• Higher spark rate for reliable starts under all conditions (a 3-spark per second solid state ignition system compared with the current 1-spark per
second for 10-381550-4)
• 1.2 joules of energy per second to light the engine (compared to 0.7 joule per second for 10-381550-4)
• Tested in 2009 to the current OEM temperature and vibration requirements
• Non-Radiation bearing exciter; solid state components provide the energy (no spark gap)
• Painted with high temperature paint for corrosion protection
• Un-potted design for improved reparability
• The unit has FAA-PMA approval based on Identicality and it carries an OEM part number on the label (3043937-04).

Champion Exciters are widely used in the following aero engine applications:
Honeywell: HTF7000*, 131-9 Series, HGT 1700, TPE331, AS907, ALF502, LF507, 331-600
Pratt & Whitney Canada: PW150*, PW206*, PW307A/B*, PW308A/C/C+*, JT15D, PT6 Series*, PW207*, PW814/815*, APS2300*
Pratt & Whitney: All PurePower® Platforms*
Williams: FJ-44
Rolls-Royce: Trent 900, Trent 1000, Trent XWB, TP400

* Denotes Solid State Configuration

Champion Quality and Reliability.
Every Champion Aerospace exciter carries our full warranty and is backed by the Champion name. Our exciters are built to the same exacting standards that have made us a leader in aviation products for over 75 years.
Though more reliable, today’s turbine ignition systems are also more complex, requiring that aircraft technicians possess a higher degree of knowledge and understanding of turbine ignition system theory. Familiarity with a few basics will enable technicians to develop proper insight into standard operation, troubleshooting, and maintenance practices.
Champion offers repair, recertification and overhaul of exciters through our FAA certified repair station. For more information on exciter repairs, please contact your Champion distributor.

Possible Alternate PNs

10-381550-4, 3035889, CH92106-3