Part # RG-407

Schedule B 8507.20.0090
Shipping Weight 66.14 lb
ECCN 9A991(d)
PN Condition


Warehouse FTL
Availability Manufacturer's estimate: 15 days

PN Description

Concorde® Turbine Aircraft Batteries

Concorde Turbine Aircraft Batteries are part of the Platinum Series® Aircraft Battery. The Platinum Series® is comprised of premium hand made AGM Aircraft Batteries with excess power for many applications.
Concorde recombinant gas (RG® Series) valve regulated lead acid (VRLA) heated batteries for engine starting and emergency / essential power applications are constructed with cutting edge Absorbed Glass Mat (AGM) technology. Concorde’s proprietary PolyGuard® Microporous Polyethylene Separator shields the positive plates against shorting, shock or vibration. No other manufacturer offers this dual layer insulation protection feature.

Battery Features:
-Superior starting power.
-Reliable essential power in the event of a generator failure.
-Low impedance design.
-Maintenance Free-Battery is constructed with non removable vent valves.
-No addition of electrolyte or water ever required for this maintenance free aircraft battery.
-Non spillable battery at any altitude or attitude.
-Factory tested to assure airworthiness
-Shipped fully charged and ready to install
-AGM Battery: Manufactured with absorbed glass mat separators
-RG® Series batteries ship non-HAZMAT

NOTE: Concorde General Aviation Main Starting Batteries are not designed or intended for turbine aircraft engine starting applications.

Please refer to the Concorde Battery Eligibility List, Replacement Guide, Turbine Batteries Spec Sheets in the Docs section and to the Concorde Batteries Website to make sure you are ordering the correct battery for your Aircraft Application.

Possible Alternate PNs

2778-1, 7407-28, 31908-001